0.A Stable "Kaufman" released!

Posted by Kevin Granade at 2014-03-04 03:43:16 UTC

Details and Discussion in the Forum Thread

The Kaufman release is named in honor of a huge expansion to Cataclysm's mutation system. The release, our largest yet also brings innumerable bugfixes, performance enhancements, new items, a long-awaited module manager, new monsters, fullscreen mode, better mouse support, new map tiles and an unheard-of level of stability.

Some highlights:

  • Module manager now supports enabling and disabling large swaths of content.
  • Fullscreen mode.
  • Many mutations, more refined mutation progression.
  • Improved view options for driving, your view can shift in the direction of your travel, and the game can display a crosshair indicating facing.
  • Improved item handling, including category views, partial stack handling, and examining the contents of a grabbed vehicle (e.g. your trusty shopping cart).
  • Mouse move and mouselook.
  • Fishing, grab a pole!
  • Working Refrigerators for fish and other comestibles.